Saturday, January 12, 2013

Man vs. Angry Sea Turtle

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     We often hear about encounters between man and other creatures in the wild. Some are scary, some adorable, and some funny. This particular video posted on YouTube shows a rare glimpse of a sea turtle, an animal we usually think of as mild mannered and gentle. While the clip doesn't exactly show a turtle gone wild, it does offer a rarely seen facet of its personality.

     To the diver's credit, it interacts with the turtle in a gentle manner. However, I wouldn't recommend placing your hands near a turtle's mouth if you value your fingers. It was kind of amusing to see the turtle snapping at various parts of the diver's body, like a boxer being shown punching in slow motion. On the other hand, I never realized just how massive and intrusive an oil rig is until I saw this video. I can only imagine what the ocean's inhabitants make of it, as well as all the ruckus created when it is being constructed. No wonder Mr. Sea Turtle got miffed enough to go back and have a second try at the diver.

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  1. Yeah it's never really good to play with animals, unless they are cute and tea-cup sized. Cats are cute too but they should be hairless. Dogs can be fun, only when they're just puppies. In other words, don't go near sea turtles!

  2. Lola M, I didn't know you prefer hairless cats! LOL