Wednesday, February 13, 2013

...But the Greatest of These is LOVE...

     The title for today's post comes from a verse in the Bible (1 Corinthians 13:12-13), and is one of my favorite verses. Today is supposed to be a day for love, but it seems to have become one huge commercial venture that may have lost its essence. So I just thought to share with you all some inspiring stories that I read in the February 2013 issue of Reader's Digest. These remind us that it's not just a day for couples but also for family and friends we hold near and dear.

"Love on Hangers"

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     Mel and Jo Ellen (Joey) Schwanke have been dressing alike for fifty years. Whatever outfit Joey wears, Mel always made sure that his shirt or tie would be of the same material so he would be a perfect match. It all started with a black formal dress that didn't fit quite right on Joey's full figured frame. He then went and bought some material that he had custom made just for her. Since the mid 1950's they have accumulated 146 matching outfits. They're still dressing alike, and still do everything together. (Click here to read an article about them.)

"Love as a Hardcover"

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      Bryan Martin gave his daughter Brenna the sweetest gift a dad could ever give for her high school graduation. Using Dr. Seuss's book Oh, the Places You'll Go, Bryan started creating his one of a kind gift. He started when Brenna graduated for the first time (in kindergarten). He asked her teachers to take a page to write down comments about her at the end of the school year. He did this every year until her senior year in high school. Brenna was very moved by her dad's thoughtfulness and the nostalgia his gift brought.

"Love in the Mail"

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      Jean Tiffin's daughter, Carol, was at a loss for a gift to give her on her 89th birthday. Previous gifts had been judged either too pretty to wear or too expensive. Then she remembered how excited her mother was whenever she got mail - even a simple store catalog made her so happy! So Carol decided to launch a campaign for her mother to receive as many birthday cards as possible by appealing to her church, on facebook, and even to Jean's favorite disc jockey. Jean was indeed thrilled when she received her birthday cards - all 136 of them.

      So there you have it. If these stories have touched you or even given you some ideas for Valentine's Day, then you are most welcome to try them. I'm very sure your loved ones will greatly appreciate it.

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