Monday, September 3, 2012

Farewell to Summer

     To me it still feels like 2012 had just started. But as the cliche goes, time flies and now summer is almost at an end with autumn close at its heels. This summer I wasn't able to go to the beach even once, nor did I get near a pool at the least. But one of my favorite summer activities that I'm glad I did get to do is have a barbeque.

     On the eve of Labor Day holiday we finally got the grill out to do a simple barbeque for dinner with just the family. On the menu were chicken drumsticks, potato salad, steamed veggies and rice. The only thing I got a picture of were the drumsticks while they were grilling, everything else are a pleasant memory by now. These drumsticks were marinated in a simple ketchup based marinade, and happily enough they turned out ok. Next time I'll take an extra step to make sure it comes out really tender.

chicken drumstick on the grill, yum!

      What's your favorite summer activity?

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  1. at least i get to go to the beach... once!

  2. Buti ka pa! Remember back in Pinas how it doesn't feel like summer's complete without having at least one outing to the pool or beach? Haaayyyyyy

  3. Ang sarap nito! Well summer here is nearing 40 degrees so soaking in the beach isn't a good idea. Rainy season here is one week of habagat rains so swimming in floodwater can be fun..minus dengue and leptospirosis!

  4. Wait, why wouldn't it be a good idea to soak in the ocean at the beach if it's 40 degrees? Unless you mean farenheit and not celsius. As for swimming in flood water, no thank you. I see garbage. :-P